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A book featuring a stunning collections of images from the first five years of Spindrift racing’s marine odyssey.

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The images are staggering. A crew of men and one woman, racing at Mach 2 speeds on multiple hulls, clinging on precariously as the boat heels, their faces creased with salt and fatigue, arms raised in victory, the boat in continual motion – a high tech machine controlled by human power.

To begin with there were just two – Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard, a unique couple in the world of sports. And in 2011 they created Spindrift racing as a professional sailing team. Over the past five years, they and their team of sailors have taken part in the world’s biggest sailing events, and tackled the most prestigious of records. They have given their all, become a team of reference and shared their stories. Like the prevailing winds and currents, the team has grown, braved storms and engaged in challenges. From its founding to today, Dona and Yann have created an incredible maritime odyssey. Their story is beautifully captured by a group of talented photographers that bring an almost salty taste of the ultimate adventure to every reader.

Spindrift racing will donate all royalties from this book to the lifeboat station of Auray La Trinité-sur-Mer.

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